Innovations in vehicle fixation

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Quick decoupling module


In addition to our wheel hub fixation, we offer a quick decoupling module that allows the rods of the wheel hub fixation to be telescopically released within seconds by remote control thus releasing the fixation during an emergency evacuation.

This technology can be used especially in emergency situations. For example in case of a battery fire in a vehicle. It can be quickly and safely transported from the dynamometer to a safe place. There the vehicle can burn out (for example in a RED-BOXX container).

Central screw adapter


The central bolt adapter enables the fixation of sports vehicles where the rim is held by a central nut.

The central cone adapter is used instead of the thread and rim adapter.

The central bolt is reproduced on the rim/hub side and mounted identically. The fixing bearing is then attached to the cone adapter as usual.

The central bolt adapters must be designed and manufactured individually for each vehicle type. Therefor we need samples of the central bolt or CAD data from the customer.


EMC compatible rods


To prevent unwanted effects during studies for EMC made by the metal of the rods we have our rods also made with fiberglass.

The stainless steel fixation rods of our hook- or wheel hub fixation are replaced with fiberglass rods. Mechanical strenght and diameter are equivalent.

This will reduce interferences significantly for EMC studies.

Aerodynamic fixation


For requirements in aerodynamic test cells we can supply especially optimized parts of our fixation.

– The sliding anchor is smaller and equipped with an aerodynamic cladding.

– The rod collet is optimized for minimum of existing interfering contoures.

– The fixation bearing is smaller and its fork head is optimized too.

Here the focus is at aerodynamic properties and not mechanical strenght. Because of that it is possible to do simple tests in wind tunnels.