Quick decoupling module

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Innovation in vehicle fixation

In addition to our wheel hub fixation, we offer a quick release module that allows the rods of the wheel hub fixation to be telescopically released within seconds by remote control, thus releasing the fixation during an emergency evacuation.

This technology can be used especially in emergencies. For example, in the event of a battery fire in a vehicle, it can be quickly and safely transported from the test stand to a safe place for burning out (e.g. RED-BOXX container).

In this case, the test stand is stopped by emergency stop and the vehicle fixation is automatically separated from the vehicle without an employee having to enter the test room. Afterwards, the vehicle can be pulled out of the test room with a cable winch, for example.

The quick disconnect module can also be used separately – e.g. in a belt or chain fixation.


The wheel hub fixation is configured on both axles in the direction of the application ring so that all rods can be pulled apart and divided after the uncoupling process.

The configuration according to the adjacent figure must be possible.

After the uncoupling process, only the bearing and the fork head remain on the vehicle.
The rods and the drive of the quick disconnect remain in the test stand.



Structure and function

The set-up is the same as with the standard wheel hub fixation.

The standard rods are replaced by separable variants equipped with a ball lock pin coupling.

The quick-disconnect module can be installed between the base rod and the rod head.

The standard sliding and plug-in anchors are still compatible and remain in use.





Here you will find the operating instructions for using the quick decoupler.