International Partners & Representatives

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Ultitech is an American/Chinese company that supplies, installs and services automotive test equipment to Chinese customers. Ultitech is a registered and certified supplier for many Chinese automotive companies and the exclusive representative for S. Bleyer GmbH products in China.


TeSys is a Korean company that manufactures and distributes vehicle test benches and their peripherals. The TeSys product range is complemented by our product range. TeSys is partner for S. Bleyer GmbH products on the Korean market and also partner for other Asian countries.

Horiba Japan

Horiba Japan is a partner of S. Bleyer GmbH in the field of “Automotive Testing” for the Japanese market. Our products complement the Horiba products here. We have been in close contact with the design & development departments of the Horiba Automotive Testing divisions in Germany for many years and are thus also closely linked to the Japanese market.

Hatton Systems

Hatton System is a UK company that manufactures, distributes, installs, supports and services vehicle test stands, peripherals and total test solutions for automotive customers. The products of Hatton Systems and S. Bleyer GmbH complement each other. Hatton Systems integrates and services our vehicle fixations in the UK as well as we integrate and service vehicle fixations (1-point) of Hatton Systems for interested customers in Germany.

Prime One Contracting

Prime One Contracting is an american company that supplies, installs and services automotive test equipment to all North American (USA, Canada, Mexico) automotive customers (OEM, TIER 1/2). Prime One Contracting is the partner for sales and service of S. Bleyer products in North America.