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Our young padawans have already received the company outfit and we are looking forward to their first internship here at S. Bleyer GmbH.

Bleyer Christmas party 2022

We celebrate the holidays as they fall. This year our Christmas party took place in December. Still without snow, but we will come up with something for that as well.

Safety day and product training in December 2022

With this safety day we train all our employees every year. The primary training topics are “occupational safety and health protection at work”. Here, our employees explore the topics in smal teams and present them to the others.

Our employees are also always brought up to date with the first aid course, which takes place every two years. This was also a topic at our Safety Day this year.

The portfolio of our company expands continuously. Therefore all employees, including our administrative staff, regularly receive relevant information, training and instruction. During these product trainings with the topic “vehicle fixation and security” we could inform everybody about new functions and security updates.



Bleyer Christmas party September 2021

We celebrate our parties as they occur. Christmas party not possible in December? No problem. We celebrate it in September then. Here are some impressions of our christmas party at September 2021. Now we are considering celebrating the summer party in December.