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Requirements for a training place

Whether you are a management assistant for office management or a metal worker. The apprenticeship programme at S. Bleyer GmbH is aimed at both men and women. Company boss Stefan Bleyer expects good grades from you. Whether you come directly from the Hauptschule or Realschule, from the Gymnasium or have retrained from another profession is irrelevant.

In addition to your school qualifications, pronounced ability to work in a team, great flexibility, openness and active interest in the environment are the requirements you must meet when applying for an apprenticeship at S. Bleyer GmbH.

Before you decide on an apprenticeship with us, you can get to know us during a work placement and decide whether you like the job.

Training as a metal worker

With us, you will receive comprehensive training as a metalworker specialising in construction technology. You will not find boring large-scale production here. As an apprentice, you will gain a variety of insights into metalworking when you manufacture our company’s products under the guidance of the master craftsmen during the course of your training.

What we are looking for?

Young people with a precise grasp and, above all, a calm and concentrated way of working. Because with the apprenticeship as a metal worker, you get an insight into a profession in which you have to use your head more than your muscles. Otherwise, the planned exhaust pipe will turn into a lump of metal for the dustbin.

Our team needs creative people who like to get stuck in and work with their hands. Reliability and good cooperation with the customer are also skills we are always looking for in production.

What we offer?

No stairs, no balcony railings.

Diverse tasks, challenging projects and a lot of teamwork. Customer contacts and travelling at home and abroad are also part of everyday work. There’s no boredom with us, just always new challenges around our customers’ test benches.

Training as a management assistant for office management

Here you can expect both classic organisational activities and various company-specific tasks, for example in the areas of accounting, personnel planning, ordering and shipping. The great variety in this profession is probably also the reason why this training is one of the most popular.

After graduation, almost every sector is open to you, whether in industry, trade or administration, whether in small or large companies.

What we are looking for?

We are looking for people with …

Organisational talent: We in the office keep an eye on everything organisationally: When are invoices sent out, which appointments are due and when do the new employees have to sign their contracts.

Sociability: You are the central interface and contact person between bosses, employees, suppliers and customers. This requires a lot of communication, open-mindedness and a confident manner.

Perfectionism: A comma in the wrong place can quickly lead to an incorrectly transferred sum of millions. Careful work is a must with us.

So: Anyone who is interested in organisation and commercial topics is welcome here.

What we offer ?

There is no specialisation in our office. Here, everyone does all the tasks that come up. Contacts with our customers and suppliers at home and abroad are part of your job.