Exhaust technology

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Exhaust gas discharge: fast, clean and ingenious

  • Complete dynamometer assemblies
  • Tailpipe adapters for all vehicle types
  • Different tailpipe shapes, from simple single pipe to special shape tailpipe adapters
    Merging of “duplex exhaust systems” with our “twin flow” product
  • Hoses and technology for further discharge from the test room
  • Special adaptations according to your wishes and specifications
  • Seals for all vehicle types
  • Edge protection
  • Heating of hoses for air conditioning rooms
  • Accessories on request
  • Special attachments for PEMS and modifications to tunnel test sections (more information under dynamometer peripherals)


Actually, my work began with tasks in exhaust gas removal. At that time, it was simply important to discharge exhaust gases as quickly as possible.
The actual measurement technology and legal requirements were still in their infancy.

No one had a little Swedish girl with pigtails on her neck.

A simple task like coupling hoses and adaptations reasonably had to be bought expensively in the USA.

One day, when I was still working on the test benches at Daimler as a newly self-employed person, I was asked if I could come up with something.

And indeed, it became bright in the room, I had an idea and implemented it. Even today, the final form of it is an integral part of our exhaust gas removal concept and the many variants in our portfolio.

Stefan Bleyer

Founder, General Manager

Abgastechnik | Abgasabführung | Bleyer GmbH