Spare parts

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Catalog for spare parts

Products which make it easier to operate and work with our vehicle fixation.

Safety pin at clamping tube

Articelnumber: SBHF17-18

Stainless steel ball head

Articelnumber: SBHF17-32

Tube end caps for vehicle fixation rods

Articelnumber: SBHF17-38

Warning sticker -danger of crushing-

Articelnumber: SBHF17-02

Ordering spare parts

You can quickly and easily reorder spare parts by using our specified articel number. We would be pleased to give you advise if the articles fit your dynamometer. Express deliveries are also possible. Please give as phone call – we will find a solution.




We have most of these items in stock and can ship promptly. In this way you prevent unnecessary downtimes on your dynamometer.